How to Make Money with a 1973 Dodge Polara: Author/Director Eric Dean Seaton

0199-Seaton_5x7When author/director Eric Dean Seaton attended the Ohio State University, he had a big car and big plans. The first paid off when he rented it out for football players to take dates around town and the second paid off by propelling him to a successful career in directing in Hollywood. Listen in to hear more about his latest venture, the comic book series Legend of the Mantamaji and about which famous Hollywood director I think can’t write (but he’s got his money to take away the sting of my critique). And if you have a chance, catch Eric Dean Seaton in town with the Sol Con, October 2-4.



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Catching up with Larry Smith

I talked to Larry Smith earlier this summer about his Six Word Memoirs project and the Columbus variant, Six in the City. He had a booth at the 2015 Columbus Independents’ Day Festival and I got an update on his plans. And I came away with my own six word memoir: “Buy a tripod and camera cover!” (It was raining).

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Karin Slaughter: Writing murder from life’s tragedies


Karin Slaughter’s debut novel, Blindsighted, was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association’s Dagger Award for “Best Thriller Debut” of 2001. Since then, she’s released over a dozen books which have sold over 30 million copies. She’ll be a guest author at the Thurber House on  Wednesday, September 30. Her latest book, Pretty Girls, is an exploration of “the relationships between people connected by blood, by love, by shared history. This is a [book] about family secrets and betrayals.” Listen in to hear about what family difficulties got her interested in this topic, why she released a web-only short story related to the novel, and what government service’s funding Karin Slaughter thinks is “a tragedy.”

Special Bonus: first person to post a comment following the September 23 broadcast on WCBE, 90.5 FM, Columbus, Ohio, wins Karin’s new book, Pretty Girls (to be picked up at WCBE, 540 Jack Gibbs Blvd, Columbus, Ohio).

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I Hulk Out with Lou Ferrigno


The Columbus Comic Con is upon us! I’ll be attending doing interviews, so say “hi” if you see me. Below is a sneak peak of the Con with Lou Ferrigno, the original Hulk. I remember watching this show as a kid, so it was fun to sit down with him in a basement with the world’s scariest lighting and talk about his new projects and what keeps him motivated.

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Poetry, Shapeshifting, and the Magic of Parenting with Maggie Smith

bio-photo-2With poems in ”The Paris Review,” “The Gettysburg Review,” and “The Florida Review,” and a 2011 creative writing fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, native Columbusite Maggie Smith has created a strong following. She was a July 15 guest of the Thurber House and had great things to say about writing and the always strong possibility that your child might be a changeling.



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How Do You Pronounce Sumukh Torgalkar?


His new album “The Mispronunciation of Sumukh Torgalkar” (iTunes) was a hit on iTunes Comedy and Sumukh Torgalkar has been touring around the country from his base in Columbus, Ohio, as well as at the Arch City Comedy Festival. Listen in to my conversation with Sumukh Torgalkar and discover his worries at the bank and how his off-stage and on-stage personas differ and agree.

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How Well Do You Know Paula Poundstone?

Paula PoundstoneYou’ve heard her on “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me,” seen her HBO comedy special, or watched her animated character “Forgetter Paula” in Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out.” But how well do you really know Paula Poundstone? Listen to our interview so you can answer these questions.

  • What was Paula Poundstone’s personality quirk that she regards as her “Dumbo Ears,” something at one time regarded as a weakness but that turns out to be strength ?
  • How did her kindergarten teacher set her on a pathway to comedy?
  • What technology does Paula Poundstone use at her shows as a service to her audience?

Don’t forget to get tickets for her September 25 show at Lincoln Theatre.


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Erin Foley: Outside Her Comfort Zone

High Res Orange-1

Comedian Erin Foley, appearing in Columbus on September 3-5 with the Arch City Comedy Festival,  has done many things: toured extensively as a stand up comedian, hosted the popular podcast Sports without Balls, and released a CD, Lady with Pockets. But when the topic turns to writing erotic fan fiction, she was “way outside [her] comfort zone.”

Listen in to our discussion of her comic mind, the ways she’s not Taylor Swift, and how being Irish-Catholic gave her the vocabulary to work with erotic fan fiction (or not).

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Stewart Huff – On the Road and in Danger

Stewart Huff with duck

Stewart Huff

Comedian Stewart Huff, also in town September 3-5 with the Arch City Comedy Festival, has an unusual approach to comedy. First he’s on the road for hundreds of dates per year, hitting comedy clubs across the US. Second, he describes it as  ”I want to say what I want to say,” even when this may create conflict – sometimes a dangerous amount of conflict. Listen in to what I thought was a fascinating discussion of his style as a comedian. And then catch him in Columbus!

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Arch City Comedy Festival just a week (or so) away!

I’ve had the good fortune to talk to several of the comics with the Arch City Comedy Festival and it’s shaping up to be a great event. Beth Stelling headshot

Listen in to my talk with Beth Stelling to learn more. This week, WCBE will broadcast my talk with Stewart Huff. Check back in a few days for that talk, which includes a discussion of how he’s used confrontation in his act for comedy as well as occasional police action. And then, the very fun Erin Foley makes her third appearance on Craft.

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