Marisa de los Santos and writing “minute by minute”

Marisa_deLosSantosBestselling author Marisa de los Santos knows about more than just writing books. The bestselling author joined us ahead of her April 1 visit to Columbus’s Thurber House to talk about her successful transition from poetry to prose, the struggle of returning to older works, and the importance of family, both within her fiction and in her life as a writer: “Who I am in my family, and who my family is to me on a very minute-by-minute, day-to-day basis, affects every single aspect of my writing.”​ Listen in to hear more of de los Santos’s story with the Craft spring intern, Tyler Clementi.

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Kanon Brings Questions, Not Answers, In Visit to Columbus


Tyler Clementi

Some writers claim to have all the answers. Joseph Kanon isn’t one of those writers. The NYT bestselling author is bringing more questions than answers with him to Columbus when he visits Thurber House Evenings with Authors on Thursday, March 12.

In his career thus far, Kanon has focused on the period shortly following the end of World War II. He explains the period as “an endlessly dramatic” time because of WWII’s significant place in western history.

More than just important or dramatic, Kanon characterizes WWII as “the real hinge of the [twentieth] century.”

Kanon’s newest novel, Leaving Berlin, explores Soviet-occupied East Germany in 1948. “This is a society on its knees, and, consequently, lying is second nature. Survival is everything.” Within this scene, Kanon sees and creates situations of immense moral compromise.

Through the conflicts approached by his characters, Kanon poses difficult moral questions. “Where do you draw your own line? Where do you create your own personal morality?” Kanon finds the questions interesting, but necessarily offers no answers.

While his morally ambiguous writing has stayed within a fairly tight chronological window, Kanon has taken his fiction back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean.

The author recounts a recent visit to Berlin with his wife: “As we were walking along, I said, ‘Oh, this is the flat where Irene would’ve lived,’ and ‘This is the place where so-and-so worked.’”

Kanon’s wife looked to him and responded, “You know a lot of people here: it’s just that you’ve made them up.”

The story exemplifies Kanon’s interest in people within specific settings. “It’s important for me to really place people.” Understanding the places that characters encounter makes them real.

“I find that all of my books, in one way or another, begin with place.” Places that Kanon doesn’t know about are the ones that intrigue him. Places he understands are less interesting: “I live in New York. I have no intention of writing about it. In a sense, I know about it.”

On March 12, Kanon brings his morally intriguing fiction to a new and mysterious location when he’s a featured author at the Thurber House Evenings with Authors.

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Ellis Paul on crowdfunding and canoodling

Ellis PaulEllis Paul, who will perform on March 6 with Six String Concerts, knows how to get people to pay for his art.
Over 600 donors crowdfunded his most recent release Chasing Beauty to the tune of over $100,000, echoing the process he’s used for his last two albums.
All this crowdfunding and his interest in working in other media have changed him: “My social life was a lot different in the early days…There’s less drinking, less partying, less canoodling with people I barely know.”
Listen in to hear more about Ellis Paul with the Craft spring intern, Tyler C.

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Jennifer Chiaverini tells the strange tale of the wife of Ulysses S. Grant

chiaveriniNYT bestselling author Jennifer Chiaverini, will visit Columbus’s Book Loft on March 9 for a reading and book signing, featuring her latest novel, Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule. This historical fiction re-imagines the relationship between Julia Grant, wife of Union general Ulysses S. Grant, and her slave, Madame Jule. Listen in to discover how Chiaverini created her characters and the odd relationship of US Grant to his in-laws.

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Apotheosis Sin Jones on taking chances

Apotheosis Sin Jones used to be a lawyer, until he decided that he wanted a job he didn’t hate. So now, he’s an artist and he has advice for anyone who wants to follow a dream:

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Irene Kelley: From Led Zeppelin to Dolly Parton

From her website

Irene Kelley

Singer-songwriter Irene Kelley has been singing and writing songs since her 1983 debut “Pennsylvania Is My Home.” Her latest album, the all-bluegrass “Pennsylvania Coal” was released in 2014. She’ll be appearing in Columbus with Six String Concerts on February 13.

Our talk ranged from how she writes and co-writes songs to how she got fired from her first singing gig.

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Checking in with Craft guest Brad Henry

From time to time, past Craft guests let me know what their current projects are. In this vein, I suggest that you check out Brad Henry’s latest project: the transfigure8 project, “an advanced technological mobile application… designed specifically for anyone who is interested in learning about transgender and gender non-conforming topics.”

They’re also seeking funding, so consider donating to help the project along. Good luck, Brad.

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Comic Con 2014 with Victor Dandridge

Victor Dandridge Columbus Wizard World 2014Victor Dandridge likes pixels. A lot. He has to when his medium involves building 8-bit characters based on old video games. But he has a surprise announcement during our talk about what he’ll be doing this year.

Check out our talk and Victor Dandridge’s art!

Also, check out Victor’s company Vantage:Inhouse Productions.

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Neil Gaiman, Veronica Roth, and Vienna Teng on Creativity


Image of Walter White by Columbus illustrator Dominic LaRiccia

I love reactions and dialogue, so I got some immensely talented folks into a recording studio and played some snippets from past Craft interviews for them to get their take on aspects of creativity. Specifically, Columbus illustrators Dominic LaRiccia and Drew Robinson from Spork Design and Ohio State University Associate Director of University Bands Scott A. Jones discussed quotations from Craft guests Neil Gaiman, Veronica Roth, and Vienna Teng. Wonder what makes someone creative tick? Listen here.

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The Return of Erin Foley

erinFoleyLast year, I was fortunate enough to talk to comedian Erin Foley before her very funny appearance at the Woodlands Tavern. She’s back this year on January 23 at the Woodlands Tavern to enjoy the potential of an Ohio polar vortex so we talked about Ohio cold versus East Coast cold versus their whiny little sibling, California cold.

We also discussed how she writes in various genres like stand up versus punch up writing for sitcoms.

And we talked sports, including who will be Ohio State’s quarterback next year.

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